Riding Theory Test in Singapore

How to Pass Your Riding Theory Test in Singapore

Getting your Riding Theory Test is important if you'd like to ride a motorcycle in Singapore. You'll need to know the basic requirements, how to book the exam, and when to go for the test. Read on to learn more. Also, check out the Prerequisites and Cost of the test to ensure that you're able to afford it. Check out Riding Theory Test to learn more.


To get a driving license in Singapore, you must have the proper pre-requisites. These prerequisites depend on the type of vehicle you wish to operate. You must have a basic knowledge of traffic laws. It is important to take a road safety course. Once you have acquired sufficient knowledge on traffic laws, you can then take the riding theory test.

A Singapore driving licence is needed to drive a motor car with manual gearing or a motorcycle over 400cc. It is important to take a Basic Theory Test (BTT) to ensure that you're a safe driver. The BTT is a multiple-choice test, which you can take in any of the official test centers. Some of the questions may be strangely worded and posed in Singaporean, so be prepared for that. Your results are usually issued immediately after the test. Don't expect to receive them by phone, or even by mail.


The Basic Theory Test will cover the code of conduct and traffic rules, as well as traffic signs. The test can be booked online from several providers, including Comfort, Singapore Safety, and Bukit Batok. The online booking service can also help you book your Final Theory Test. This will help you to ensure that you pass the test the first time.


The Riding Theory Test Package Singapore program will help you prepare for the theory test. The program contains 200 flash cards and 400 past years' questions that are updated monthly. The lessons in the program will help you get the right answers in the theory test. The program is available in both English and Mandarin. It will help you pass the test with a perfect score.

Using a RTT Package will help you prepare for your driving test and pass your theory test as well. This is a mandatory requirement to receive a driving license in Singapore. You must have completed a training course and passed the RTT before you can apply for a driving license. You must pass the RTT and the practical test to obtain a license. You must obtain a score of 45 or higher, and the test should be taken within 50 minutes.

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